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Technical Support

Unleash the Power of TOPCon

Solar N Plus focuses on TOPCon technology research and development. By continuously increasing its scientific and technological investment in the field of TOPCon technology, it overcomes the bottleneck of cell efficiency improvement and continues to lead the development of N-type technology.

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Increased in power generation

PVSYST calculations show that the power output of Solar N Plus TOPCon product per watt is increased by more than 3% compared to the industry-standard PERC product, and the actual test results have shown an increase of up to 5% or more.

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Higher efficiency with lower degradation
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Higher bifacial rate and more rear-side gain
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Better temperature coefficient
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Excellent quality and reliability

Team Strength

Industry-leading technology and operations team
Leading in ultra-efficient N-type cell and module technology

Research and Development Strength

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Highest EfficiencyIn Production
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Authorized Patents
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Pending Patents
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R&D investment accounts for 5% of sales revenue
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25% of employees are dedicated to R&D
7 of the employees hold PhD degrees

Continuous Innovation and Development,
Excellent Achievements for Customers.