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The first gigawatt PV project in Guizhou utilizes 200MW of Solar N Plus N-type TOPCon modules

In December 2023, the first gigawatt PV project in Guizhou Province, China—the Panjiang PV Base Project by Guizhou Energy Group—successfully connected to the grid. The project utilizes 200MW of Solar N Plus N-type TOPCon modules. Each module boasts a high power output of 575W, with an efficiency of 22.3%.

The Solar N Plus TOPCon module stands out for its cutting-edge features, including N-type TOPCon cell technology, half-cut technology, and SMBB design. With a superior temperature coefficient of -0.29%/℃, this module ensures optimal performance across varying temperatures. Its excellent low-light performance guarantees consistent power generation even on hazy and cloudy days. The module’s bifaciality of 80±5% results in an 11.48% increase in power output from the rear side. Furthermore, Solar N Plus offers 15 years of product warranty and an extensive 30 years of power warranty, reinforcing the reliability and longevity of this advanced solar technology.

Solar N Plus is committed to promoting the development of clean energy worldwide.