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Solar N Plus Unveils N-Type TOPCon Solar Cells and Modules Plant in Chuzhou, China with Full Production Ceremony

Chuzhou, China, November 6th, 2023 – Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Solar N Plus), a leading manufacturing expert in TOPCon technology and a subsidiary of Lanfeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002513), held a full production ceremony for its state-of-the-art N-type TOPCon solar cells and modules plant in Chuzhou, Anhui province, China.

“The commencement of full-scale operations at the Chuzhou TOPCon factory is an exciting milestone for Solar N Plus, further solidifying our strategic focus on N-type technology. Through ongoing efficiency improvements in TOPCon photovoltaic cells, we’ve reached an impressive 26% efficiency. As we prepare for extensive production, our focus is on enhancing our capacity to deliver efficient, reliable, and quality products to our customers.” commented Li Zhilei, Director and General Manager of Lanfeng Bio-chemical, and Director and CEO of Solar N Plus.

The production process at the Chuzhou plant showcases efficiency and productivity. By leveraging Solar N Plus’s expertise in automated and digital manufacturing, along with meticulous step-by-step quality control, the company ensures a high level of quality, reliability, and performance in its products as production is scaled up.

With the global energy transition well underway, Solar N Plus is committed to advancing its technologies and expanding its manufacturing capacity. The goal is to empower homes, businesses, and communities worldwide to benefit from sustainable energy.

About Solar N Plus

Solar N Plus excels in TOPCon technology manufacturing, acclaimed by global customers. With a focus on cutting-edge solutions, Solar N Plus continues to drive advancements in the production of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, meeting the evolving needs of a global market.