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Solar N Plus Shines at Intersolar South America 2023

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Solar N Plus), a manufacturing expert in TOPCon technology, has made an impressive mark at Intersolar South America 2023, demonstrating its flagship product, the Sirius TOPCon solar module. This exciting occasion marks Solar N Plus’s highly anticipated entry into the Brazilian market, cementing its position as a promising player in the solar industry.

The highlight of the showcase is the Sirius TOPCon module, a testament to Solar N Plus’s expertise as a manufacturing leader in the field of N-type TOPCon technology. Featuring 182mm silicon wafers, TOPCon, super multi-busbar cells, and high-density encapsulation, it reaches 580W power output and 22.5% module efficiency, cutting BoS and maintenance costs by 6.5% compared to standard PERC 550W module. With a lower temperature coefficient and reduced light induced degradation (LID), the module delivers higher power output, establishing its competitiveness in the market.

Further enhancing its exceptional attributes, The Sirius TOPCon module boasts an impressive 85% bifaciality rate to enhance power generation. Additionally, Solar N Plus guarantees the module’s durability, offering a 30-year power warranty with an annual linear power decay of under 0.4% and a first-year power decay of less than 1%. Possessing an INMETRO certification, the Sirius TOPCon module strongly underscores its reliability, thereby safeguarding the value of global customers.

“We are thrilled to be participating in Intersolar South America. Brazil stands as a thriving hub in the solar market,” stated Ashley Wang, General Manager of International Sales and Marketing at Solar N Plus. “We are looking forward to expanding our supplier network through this remarkable platform, while also engaging with fellow professionals and exchanging valuable insights.”

With continuous investments in research and development, combined with the establishment of a vertical industry chain spanning silicon wafers, solar cells, and modules, Solar N Plus is establishing itself as a prominent expert in TOPCon technology.