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Solar N Plus Obtains BIS Certification for Its TOPCon Modules

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Solar N Plus), a leading manufacturing expert in TOPCon technology and a subsidiary of Lanfeng Bio-chemical Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 002513), has recently received BIS certification for its N-type TOPCon high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, positioning it among the select few manufacturers to attain this recognition. With this certification, Solar N Plus is set to provide enhanced solar solutions to its Indian customers.

BIS certification, India’s national quality standard, encompasses stringent requirements for product quality, safety, and sustainability. Following a thorough evaluation by BIS, Solar N Plus high-efficiency N-type TOPCon modules have been found to meet the standard requirements and are officially certified.

Solar N Plus N-type TOPCon modules boast lower degradation and a lower temperature coefficient, enabling them to generate higher power even in challenging environments. With high power output, module efficiency, and reliability, Solar N Plus TOPCon modules have earned numerous international certifications. Backed by a 15-year product warranty, 30-year power warranty, and dual insurance coverage from Ping An and Ariel Re, Solar N Plus products have gained trust worldwide.

Ashley Wang, General Manager of International Sales and Marketing at Solar N Plus, stated, “BIS certification signifies the Indian government’s approval of Solar N Plus modules and underscores our ability to deliver high-efficiency modules and reliable solutions for customers.”

Solar N Plus continues its commitment to solar innovation, dedicates itself to ongoing advancements, and strives to deliver cutting-edge, reliable solutions to meet the world’s growing energy demands for a cleaner future.

About Solar N Plus

Solar N Plus is a vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturer with N-type TOPCon technology at its core. With a 2GW capacity for PERC cells and modules, along with a robust 10GW capacity for TOPCon wafers, cells, and modules, the company has been providing services to customers worldwide.