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Solar N Plus Achieves Remarkable Success at SNEC PV+ EXPO 2024

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Solar N Plus), a TOPCon cells and modules manufacturing expert, made a sparkling appearance with its innovative PV products at the SNEC 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC PV+ EXPO), one of the world’s leading photovoltaic exhibitions, which opened last week in Shanghai, China.

Striking Innovative Product Range

Solar N Plus presented a diverse range of N-type TOPCon cells and modules designed to meet the varying needs of residential, commercial and large-scale power stations. The modules, with power outputs ranging from 400W to over 720W, feature outstanding conversion efficiency, minimal degradation, excellent low-light performance, and superior bifaciality.

Innovation is the inherent gene of Solar N Plus. At the expo, the company introduced several groundbreaking products, including 0BB TOPCon modules, anti-dust accumulation modules, steel-framed modules, and colorful modules, all of which garnered significant attention.


Recognition of R&D Excellence

At the TÜV Nord awards ceremony at SNEC, Solar N Plus’s in-house photovoltaic laboratory received the “TÜV Nord Witness Laboratory” certification, which recognizes Solar N Plus’s laboratory testing and management capabilities. Solar N Plus will leverage its laboratory resources to continuously increase R&D investment, further develop high-quality products, and ensure maximum value for its customers.

Outstanding Performance in Extreme Conditions

Solar N Plus’s TOPCon modules have demonstrated exceptional quality and reliability. In a rigorous outdoor test conducted by CTC State Inspection Group in China’s Mohe, where the climate is extremely cold, the modules showcased superior performance, earning Solar N Plus the “Best Outdoor Performance Quality Award” for 2023.

Strategic Collaborations for Long-term Success

At SNEC, Solar N Plus also established strategic partnerships with KWH-Solutions GmbH and other prominent enterprises in the photovoltaic industry. These collaborations highlight Solar N Plus’s commitment to fostering long-term relationships and advancing the PV sector through collective efforts.

At SNEC, Solar N Plus also established strategic partnerships with KWH-Solutions GmbH and other prominent enterprises in the photovoltaic industry. KWH-Solutions GmbH is a new energy company committed to technological innovation, boasting a strong sales network across Europe. This collaboration signifies Solar N Plus’s progress in expanding its market presence and fostering long-term relationships to advance the PV sector.

About Solar N Plus

Solar N Plus, controlled by a publicly listed company (stock code: 002513), is a vertically integrated PV manufacturer, specializing in N-type TOPCon technology. The company’s portfolio encompasses cells, modules, power station development, and smart energy solutions. Its footprint extends to over 40 countries and regions, including Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Austria, Turkey and Japan.