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Solar N Plus Achieves Dun & Bradstreet 4A1 High Rating

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Solar N Plus), a manufacturing expert of TOPCon technology, is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Dun & Bradstreet (D & B) 4A1 rating, indicating its excellent financial strength and credit condition. This recognition further solidifies the company’s position as a reliable and credible player in the solar energy industry.

D & B has been a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics for almost 200 years, and their renowned rating system assesses enterprises’ financial strength and credit condition. According to the Business Information Report for Solar N Plus, provided by D&B, the company has been awarded the prestigious D&B Rating of 4A1. This rating indicates a robust financial position, with a tangible net worth ranging from 85,000,000 to 449,000,000. Furthermore, Solar N Plus has received a composite credit appraisal of 1, signifying a high level of creditworthiness. Overall, Solar N Plus belongs to the esteemed Quality Group, showcasing its industry-leading performance.

“D & B is one of the most reputable global business credit reporting agencies, and its reports have long been a crucial reference for numerous financial institutions in assessing corporate credit and risk,” said Ashley Wang, General Manager of International Sales and Marketing at Solar N Plus, “Achieving such a high rating is closely tied to Solar N Plus’s unwavering focus on sustainable development, stable operations, and strong financial health.”

Solar N Plus is dedicated to continuously enhancing the value of its solar products, earning trust from global customers and third-party organizations. In the future, Solar N Plus will continue to collaborate with global partners to accelerate the global adoption of clean energy, contributing to the low-carbon transition.