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Solar N Plus Achieves Industry-Leading Average Efficiency of 26.25% in Mass Production of N-type TOPCon Solar Cells

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., LTD (Solar N Plus), a manufacturing expert in TOPCon cells and modules, recently announced that its independently developed 182 mm×182 mm high-efficiency N-type TOPCon solar cells have achieved an impressive mass production average efficiency of 26.25% after undergoing third-party testing and certification by the Fujian Metrology Institute. This milestone not only establishes a solid foundation for enhancing the quality and efficiency of TOPCon solar cell assemblies on a large scale but also underscores Solar N Plus’ leadership in the TOPCon mass production field.

Solar N Plus’ latest 182 mm×182 mm and 183.75 mm×182 mm TOPCon solar cells feature very low J0.met and ultra-thin metal fingers. Both cells exhibit a mass production average efficiency of 26.25%, with the highest efficiency in production reaching 26.72% — a notable improvement of 0.3%-0.5%. This enhancement not only boosts overall performance but also reduces the LCOE, delivering increased value to our customers.

In 2022, Solar N Plus strategically entered the N-type TOPCon field, continually iterating and upgrading processes while concurrently developing new technologies. The company aims to surpass an average cell conversion efficiency of 27.5% from 2023 to 2025, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Moreover, starting in 2026, Solar N Plus plans to introduce TOPCon and perovskite tandem solar cells with efficiencies exceeding 33%.

Dr. Lu Zhonglin, CTO of Solar N Plus, emphasized the pivotal role of solar cells in photovoltaic power generation, stating, “The technical roadmap and process standards directly impact the efficiency and lifespan of PV modules and systems. The breakthrough in conversion efficiency underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation in the renewable energy sector.”

Solar N Plus remains dedicated to driving innovation in solar technology, advancing research and development in high-efficiency TOPCon technology, and contributing to a new chapter in the TOPCon solar cell industry.