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Media Delegation Visits Solar N Plus

Recently, a media delegation, comprising representatives from People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, and more, visited Solar N Plus for an in-depth interview and research. Ren Junli, the Director of the Operation Centre and General Manager of the Cell Division at Solar N Plus, warmly welcomed the media delegation and provided a comprehensive introduction to the technological advancements and production processes of Solar N Plus’ high-efficiency N-type solar cells and modules.

Ren Junli gave a thorough overview of the efficient and intelligent operations of Solar N Plus, stating, “The first phase of the TOPCon cell and module project covers an area of 256 acres. It took less than a year from the beginning of construction to the first TOPCon module rolling off the line, reflecting the high execution ability of our company.”

The “5 High” advantages, encompassing “higher stability, high reliability, high conversion efficiency, high bifacility, and high power generation,” captured the attention of everyone present, marking the state-of-the-art technology of Solar N Plus, as emphasized by Ren Junli.

About Solar N Plus

Solar N Plus is a vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturer with N-type TOPCon technology at its core. With a 2GW capacity for PERC cells and modules, along with a robust 10GW capacity for TOPCon wafers, cells, and modules, the company has been providing services to customers worldwide.