Forex Fund Supervisor

Job Description:
Responsible for the management and operation of the Group’s foreign exchange business, supporting and serving the company’s “product import and export foreign exchange business, overseas base foreign exchange business, overseas investment business, and overseas subsidiary foreign exchange business” fund management and operation, including:
1、Financial and fund management and foreign exchange asset operation involved in enterprise import and export business and settlement management of foreign exchange;
2、Strategy formulation, implementation, and risk management of foreign currency financing for enterprises (including bank financing and other financing);
3、Capital items, enterprise foreign investment business involves application, regulatory filing, tracking evaluation, and risk management, including management of overseas direct investment (ODI) and foreign direct investment (FDI), etc.
4、Responsible for foreign exchange risk position management, exchange gains and losses management, foreign exchange policy research and interpretation, foreign exchange hedging product research, and the formulation of import and export business fund settlement rules and plans according to the needs of the Group’s foreign exchange risk management to ensure the safety of the Group’s fund management and control foreign exchange risks.
5、Communicate closely with the business according to business needs and changes in the international macro environment, prompt management of exchange rate/interest rate change risks, and formulate measures to control exchange rate risks.
6、Track project guarantee, margin, and letter of credit and other similar needs and actual issuance, connect with external guarantee, margin, and letter of credit and other similar tools, and prompt the business unit management of possible risks and corresponding control measures; (mainly for the component business).
Job Requirements:
1、Bachelor’s degree or above, with overseas background preferred, and 3-5 years of relevant work experience;
2、Responsible and able to handle stress.