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Solar N Plus warmly welcome your visit at Solar&Storage Live MENA!

📢 Exploring the limitless possibilities of solar energy with Solar N Plus at Solar&Storage Live MENA! 🔋 It is a great opportunity for you to meet enthusiastic professionals, experts and key stakeholders from across the region’s solar energy industry! Solar N Plus warmly welcome your visit and invite you to witness the leading TOPCon cells […]

Recup about Energi Massan 2024!

🌍 Solar N Plus had an incredible experience at Energi Massan 2024, presenting our innovative TOPCon cells and modules tailored for the burgeoning market. 🤝 We are excited about the enthusiastic response and insightful discussions we had with industry leaders and partners. Keep following us for more exciting developments as we drive towards a sustainable […]

Join us at Energi Massan 2024!

📣 Solar N Plus is excited to invite you to visit our booth E:20 at Energi Massan 2024, where we will be showcasing our latest innovations in high-efficiency TOPCon modules and cells. 🌞 Energimässan 2024 is the year’s top event for everyone working with energy, environment and sustainability solutions. This is the place not only […]

Recup about Power Uzbekistan!

Solar N Plus is honored to have witnessed the opening ceremony. It’s been a privilege engaging in discussions with experts in the solar energy industry on pressing energy matters. Drop by booth P62 to experience the latest advancements from Solar N Plus. Our cutting-edge TOPCon products await your exploration. Let’s shape the future of energy […]

Utility-Scale Solar Energy: A Complete Guide

Utility-Scale Solar Energy: A Complete Guide

What is Utility Scale Solar? Utility scale solar refers to large solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that generate electricity to be fed into the electrical grid. Compared to residential or commercial rooftop solar installations, utility scale projects are ground-mounted systems that range in size from 5 megawatts (MW) to over 1 gigawatt (GW). The threshold for […]

Mega Solar Panels: Clean Energy or Environmental Hazard?

Mega Solar Panels: Clean Energy or Environmental Hazard?

The development of utility-scale solar has grown rapidly in recent years, driven by declining costs, supportive policies, and increased demand for renewable energy. In the United States alone, the total installed capacity of utility-scale solar has increased from 2 gigawatts (GW) in 2010 to over 100 GW in 2021. Significant growth has also occurred globally, […]

Solar N Plus Among Top PV Module Suppliers by Shipment Volume in Q1, 2024

Solar N Plus New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (“Solar N Plus”), a leading expert in TOPCon cell and module manufacturing, has received notable recognition in the PV industry. According to Solarbe, a prominent PV industry media outlet, Solar N Plus’s module shipment volume reached an impressive 1.025GW in Q1 2024 and was listed as a […]

80MW solar power station in Guizhou

📢Solar N Plus has announced that the 80MW solar power station has successfully connected to the grid in Panzhou, Guizhou Province, China. Equipped with our high-performance TOPCon 575W modules, this project is set to generate an impressive 139 million kWh of electricity annually, saving about 43,000 tons of coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by […]

N-Type vs P-Type Solar Cells: Understanding the Key Differences

N-Type vs P-Type Solar Cells

There are two main types of solar cells used in photovoltaic solar panels – N-type and P-type. N-type solar cells are made from N-type silicon, while P-type solar cells use P-type silicon. While both generate electricity when exposed to sunlight, N-type and P-type solar cells have some key differences in how they are designed and […]

The 1st anniversary of Solar N Plus Overseas Sales and Marketing Center’s establishment!

Exciting News! Today marks the 1st anniversary of Solar N Plus Overseas Sales and Marketing Center’s establishment! Over the past year, we’ve faced challenges head-on, celebrated victories together, and grown stronger as a team. The four “1” witnessed our efforts, “1”climbing year, “1”” solidarity team, “1” unity heart, “1” perfectly achieved target, we couldn’t have […]